This is a massive bookcase that the clients really use every bit of. For this phase of the project, it just wasn’t in the budget to purchase a new bookcase or have a custom one built. So we decided to spiff it up with a vinyl wallpaper (for durability) and added brass hardware. By covering both the doors and the back of the bookcase, we were able to lighten up this corner of the room considerably.


Desk and Chair

I was looking for a small Mid-Century style desk and an even smaller chair to tuck into the corner. I found the below on Etsy, repainted the desk, reupholstered the chair and I was set!




Fireplace Surround

The original fireplace surround was enormous and an eyesore. But this is a rental apartment so we didn’t want to spend a great deal of money modifying it. So I did some googling, purchased some MDF boards, crown molding and enhanced the existing surround. I then painted it a high gloss navy blue, wallpapered the back in a vintage flocked wallpaper, added some accessories and voilà!


King Size Bed and Surround

The client didn’t want to use this bed because it was so dark and masculine. But she was sold on the idea of painting and reupholstering it. The result is something beautiful and very feminine.

King Size Bed adn Surround-01

Side Tables

I loved the detail on these side tables. It took the simple rectangular shape to a new dimension. I had them lacquered in a deep blue and changed the hardware to make it more modern and less feminine.


side tables-01

Task Chair

The client loved this task chair, but her cats had loved on it even more. So we re-covered it in a vinyl to make it claw proof and added a pop of color with the back pillow.

Task Chair-01

Tiny Footstool

The client had a very specific request for her bright/glam apartment…she wanted a tiny traditional footstool. We found this tiny footstool and recovered it in a leopard print to tie in with the rest of the room.footstool




I swear it was once a TRYSIL Dresser…

I knew what I wanted, but the size of the actual Bernhardt piece that I admired didn’t work for me…

So instead, I decided to play around and make my own version with an Ikea Trysil dresser.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-21-30-pm screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-21-41-pm

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-27-38-pm screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-22-52-pm

Baroque Style Chandelier

I found this beauty at a flea market.  I saw it one beautiful sunny weekend and loved it, but I didn’t purchase it.  I regretted that decision all the following week and ran back in the rain the following weekend, hoping it hadn’t sold.  And there it was…in the pouring rain, just waiting to be taken home, rewired and cleaned up.